Bushnell’s Trigger Effect breaks the mold on standard hunting and fishing adventure shows.  Although our Hosts and Pro-Staff provide high-quality outdoor adventures in every episode, we also focus on the hunt and the effect after/before the trigger is pulled and the shot is fired. There is more to hunting than just the stalk and taking of the harvest.

In Season Six Bushnell’s Trigger Effect is very proud to announce a continued partnership with Lethbridge College that will be hosting our educational segment series within each episode of Bushnell’s Trigger Effect.

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect and the professors of Lethbridge College will help inform the public to make opinions based on facts and science.

Bushnell’s Trigger Effect has successfully aired four full seasons for a total of 52 episodes and on January 01, 2017 it launches Season Five with 20 new episodes.  That is 72 episodes that we have filmed.  The show`s primary focus is on North American hunting and a lesser scope outside of North America.  The show draws from the diversified outdoor education and experience of the two Hosts and two Pro-Staff.  The Bushnell’s Trigger Effect team was carefully selected to ensure that the production was well-rounded in not only being able to offer the viewer a great cinematic experience but also provide multiple perspectives of expertise from within the entire outdoor industry.  Dean, Kent, Chris and Jason have all enjoyed very successful professional careers in the outdoor sector and now bring that experience to Bushnell’s Trigger Effect.

Bushnell`s Trigger Effect is proud to announce our conservation partnership with the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation (CWTF).  We work very closely with this non-profit conservation based group with a huge following in Eastern Canada and is slowly spreading west.  Bushnell’s Trigger Effect usually dedicates 1-2 episodes per year to this worth cause.

​Bushnell`s Trigger Effect would like to encourage you to join the CWTF today and help bring a voice to our wild turkey management across Canada.  Click below to join!


The Conservation Connection segment series speaks directly to the previous careers of Dean, Kent and Chris being biologists in both the wildlife and fisheries sectors.  The Bushnell’s Trigger Effect team has formed a partnership with Lethbridge College based out of Alberta.  The team, working with the faculty and staff, will provide a highly educational segment in each episode that focusses on hot topic issues in the outdoors and bring a science perspective to the table.  Want to know more about chronic wasting disease, grizzly populations, predator management, invasive species, etc.