Want to have an episode of Bushnell's Trigger Effect filmed at your Outfit?

RECOMMENDATION: "We were a little hesitant to have another TV hunting and outdoor production crew come to camp to film a hunt with us, over the years there have been many!  When the fellas from Bushnell showed up, it was a whole different experience, they put our operation, their number 1 priority, they wanted to show case what we were about and they wanted to tell others what it was to hunt with us, I think they achieved that!  We were very impressed with the whole experience, Thanks Guys!"


RECOMMENDATION: "The fellows from Bushnell's Trigger Effect, Kent and Dean, are top notch guys.  They are friendly, know their business and are very professional.  The filming of the pheasant hunt on the Bar Diamond Ranch was an enjoyable experience and Kent and Dean  are welcome to come back anytime."


RECOMMENDATION: "Kent and Dean are five star plus when it comes to setting up and filming a hunting show!  I would highly recommend them due to the experience and knowledge that they bring with them to a hunt.  I would be happy to have them back to do another show anytime.  They were not only professional but a lot of fun to hunt and socialize with.  We've certainly had a lot of response since filming the show and are excited to see it when it airs."


RECOMMENDATION: "We thoroughly enjoyed hosting Kent and Dean! Their love of hunting and accommodating nature, combined with their down to earth attitude made for a pleasurable and positive experience that reflects the true nature of what Silverwing Waterfowl has to offer. This has increased the interest in our company immensely and is reflected in additional bookings!"


RECOMMENDATION: "My filming experience with Bushnell's Trigger Effect was fantastic. Dean, Kent and Denise were professional and had a willingness to adapt no matter what the situation. Dean and Kent are true hunters and also fully understand the Outfitting industry. Their team were good people who take their jobs very serious. We enjoyed every minute of our time with them."


RECOMMENDATION: "As we are going into the 2018 hunting season I cannot help to remember the trip we had together in 2017. It was a wonderful experience as an outfitter to hunt with professional people who understand not only the hunting, but also the filming of hunting and the outdoors in Africa. The evenings around the fire, with all the hunting stories, are still fresh in my mind.  Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your hunting experience in South Africa, I am much honored.You arrived as hunters, but we parted as friends "


So much more than just the exposure!

Bushnell's Trigger Effect has developed an entire benefit package to provide more than just TV exposure.  The benefits span well over two companies  and all that for just donating a trip.  There is no monetary costs.

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