Who is Trigger Effect?

Dean Trumbley and Kent Michie come from families who for many generations have pursued hunting and fishing as a way of life.  As a result both Dean and Kent have spent their entire lives working in the various fields in the outdoor sector.  Dean pursued a career as a professional biologist and dabbled in big game guiding, whereas Kent did the opposite working as a professional guide and dabbled in biology.  As life time friends Dean and Kent have hunted and fished all over North America and beyond pursing their passion.  Leaving behind their biology and guiding, Dean and Kent embarked on a dream to create a hunting and fishing TV show that reflects their experience, passion and knowledge gained over their many years.  They wear experience in their faces but the fire to hunt/fish hard and share their adventures with millions is young at heart.  Whether it is their rifles, shotguns, bows, reels, black powder or crossbows their quarry will feel the EFFECT of when the boys pull that TRIGGER!


For 24/7 access go to Hunting Channel Online and watch Trigger Effect online.


What is Trigger Effect?

Trigger Effect is a hunting/fishing documentary series that films the adventures based around the two Hosts; Dean Trumbley and Kent Michie.  Dean and Kent are joined by their two Pro-Staff Jason Bellows and Chris Kitt and film primarily in North America but you just never know where in the world they could be.  Utilizing the career/educational backgrounds of the Hosts and Pro-Staff, Trigger Effect has a heavy education aspect to the show but still focusses on amazing footage of action packed hunts/fishes.  In Season Four the depth of the show will increase with an education segment series completed in conjunction with Lethbridge College.  This segment series will touch on various topics that effect the hunting/fishing sectors.  Finally, another segment series will be hosted by Mike Holland (the original Resourceful Redneck) that will share tips, advice and product innovations for the everyday hunter/fisher.

Trigger Effect would like to thank all of their fans for watching our Season Three on Wild TV and we will see you again in July 2016.  

If you live in the USA, tune into Alive TV Outdoors as Trigger Effect`s Season Three starts airing on February 01, 2016.

If you live in the South Africa, tune into Wild TV Africa as Trigger Effect`s Season Three starts airing on April 01, 2016.


To learn more about the producers of Trigger Effect TV, please visit Thunderboyz.ca.

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